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BlueKube Launchpad Services help companies, celebrities, and creators like you make amazing products in 1/2 the time and for 30% less. You can focus on building your business. We’ll handle all the heavy lifting of product development process — from designing and prototyping to distribution and fulfillment. With BlueKube by your side, you’ll be ready for takeoff in no time.


Who We Serve

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How We Make Products Quickly and For Less

Wondering how we make products in 1/2 the time and for 30% less? It’s no secret — discover how we do it with our one-of-a-kind product development process.

Hub and Spoke Model

We build our supply chain uniquely for each product. Instead of using factories that make finished products, we break products into their trades and lower costs by taking out the middle-man. We have 18 factory partners or “spokes,” each specializing in a certain material or process, such as plastics, metals, and cut & sew. This produces higher quality parts faster and for significantly less. 

Parallel Development

Our product engineers are leading experts in Parallel Development, a production method we developed where the supply chain is built ahead of, or in parallel to, ideation. This requires close partnerships with various factories and suppliers who trust that the collaboration will turn into a real product. BlueKube has earned this trust after years of successful product launches.

Design From Both Ends

Rather than designing a product from scratch and then later approaching factories for a quote, we reach out to our factory partners from the very beginning to help shorten the product development life cycle. This allows us to deliver a finished product faster and with lower uncertainty.

Pricing Advantage

We have exclusive access to “insider pricing” because we have employees on the ground in China and the Philippines. They negotiate directly with raw material suppliers in local currencies and in the native language. Thanks to them, we can immediately compare multiple design options based on price before making a decision.

Build Your Product The BlueKube Way

At BlueKube, we break time-to-market records by turning the typical product development life cycle on its head. We call it the BlueKube Way. See if it’s the right fit for you — schedule a call with us today!

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Why Work With Us

BlueKube is the easiest product development company to work with because we’re the easiest to understand — we love building things and making cool stuff. We’ve launched successful products again and again, and we can do the same for you. Discover more great reasons to work with us.

We Protect Your Idea

When you work with our top product development company, you don’t have to worry about your product getting ripped off by an overseas company with low ethics. With our Hub and Spoke Model, no single factory has the full blueprint of your product… only its parts. You can rest assured that your product idea is in good hands. 

U.S. Design Engineers

We’re proud to say that we never outsource our design work. Everything is done in-house by our talented team of full-time design engineers, right here in the USA. They live and breathe product design, and love nothing more than diving into a new project and bringing new ideas to life.

Trusted Supply Chain

We have spent over 20 years refining our product development process and vetting the best injection molding factory, the best metal fabricator, the best electronics fab house, the best cut & sew factory — to name just a few. Our trusted suppliers have been offering us the best prices and fastest lead times for years, which we then pass on to you.

We Own 2 Factories

In addition to our 18 factory partners, we also own and operate 2 local factories in Ningbo, China. Our staff of highly skilled engineers and assembly line & production managers are all full-time employees. By having our own factories and full-time employees, we can ensure the lowest pricing on raw materials and oversee quality directly at the factory level.

Our Supply Chain Network

18 Factory Partners

These include the top injection molding factory, metal fabricator, electronics fab house, cut & sew factory, and much more.

2 BlueKube Factories

Our factories are solely dedicated to producing BlueKube products. By having full-time staff on the ground, we get the lowest prices 100% of the time.

5 Distribution Centers

Our vast distribution network allows you to reach customers in every corner of the globe.

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Our Launchpad Services

Whether you’re a celebrity with an exciting new product idea or an established ecommerce company wondering how to get your product manufactured, we can help. We offer services at every stage of the product development life cycle.

Product Management

Let’s get your product made.

Many companies get stuck here, and can’t seem to get across the finish line. BlueKube has done this hundreds of times, so we know what it takes to manufacture an awesome product. We handle all the design, manufacturing, and warehousing. Your complete supply chain and distribution is managed in-house by our experts.

Designing a product from scratch requires close collaboration. Our experienced team of design engineers will work with you every step of the way, from initial brainstorming and sketching to CAD modeling and final production. We’ll take the time to understand your unique vision, implement your feedback, and find the best solutions to get your product idea off the ground.

Speed and agility are crucial to the product development process. With our in-house prototyping lab at our Simi Valley headquarters, we can quickly turn ideas into prototypes, often on the same day they’re conceived. The faster we can prototype and test ideas, the faster we can validate concepts and move to production.

Save yourself the expense and hassle of investing in manufacturing equipment or facilities. If you already have a finished design or prototype, simply bring it to us and we’ll manufacture your product on your behalf ­— quickly and affordably.

You need a robust, adaptable, and efficient logistics infrastructure to get your products into customers’ hands. Our savvy logistics team handles the complex regulatory steps of international distribution and warehousing so you can scale quickly without having to deal with complex operations.

Arranging a web of freight lines from factory to warehouse is no easy feat. Our logistics team can manage production times, shop freight quotes, clear products through customs, and import products into any country. We can also consolidate and combine cargo into trackable ocean containers to ensure a smooth process from factory to customer.

We offer comprehensive quality inspections to ensure your product meets the highest standards. Our product engineers oversee every production batch and keep detailed quality documentation to catch any defect before it is assembled into the final product. This greatly reduces the cost of returns and refunds later on in the process.

Brand Management

Let’s get your product sold.

Building your brand and knowing all the areas of digital marketing is a huge undertaking. BlueKube has spent the last 20 years learning what works — and what doesn’t. Don’t throw away money doing it yourself. Let our experts get your products to scale fast and build your brand for you.

Your website is your digital storefront, and it can make or break your online presence. Our team of skilled web designers will collaborate closely with you to create a visually stunning and user-friendly website that resonates with your target audience. We’ll ensure your brand’s voice shines through while optimizing for maximum conversions and a seamless user experience.

Navigating the complex landscape of Amazon can be daunting — but not with BlueKube. We’ll optimize your product listings, ensuring they stand out from the competition, employ strategic keywords, and entice customers to click that “Add to Cart” button.

With billions of searches happening daily, Google Ads offers unparalleled access to potential customers. Our skilled team will craft compelling ad campaigns that target the right audience at the right time, maximizing your ad spend and driving high-quality traffic to your site.

Social media is a powerful tool for brand growth, but it requires a well-thought-out approach. Our social media gurus will create an effective strategy tailored to your brand’s unique voice and objectives. We’ll curate captivating organic content and expertly manage paid campaigns to boost your brand’s visibility, attract loyal followers, and generate valuable leads.

In today’s digital age, working with influencers is more important than ever. Our team will identify the perfect influencers for your niche, negotiate collaborations, and execute impactful campaigns that drive brand awareness, credibility, and customer loyalty. Count on us to connect your brand with influencers that resonate with your target audience.

Don’t underestimate the power of email marketing. Our experts will design personalized email campaigns and automated flows that captivate your subscribers, nurture relationships, and drive conversions. With our proven strategies and insights into customer psychology, we’ll help you reach and exceed your email marketing goals.

Clients Love Us and So Will You

Our clients are blown away by our expertise and how quickly we make products. We often hear them say, “I wish I came to BlueKube earlier. It would have saved me so much time and money.” Check out what else they have to say!

“I was impressed. BlueKube cut our COGS by 43% and got our product made in 2 months, after 18 months of trying on our own. I just wish I found BlueKube earlier.”

Dr. Louis Crowe

Founder of BionicGym

“We are great at marketing and servicing our customers, BlueKube makes our products and even handles the logistics and delivery. It really makes it easy to grow our business when we don’t have to lift a finger.”

Cesar Gonzales

“The process could not be easier. BlueKube literally takes care of everything product related. We showed them a picture of what we wanted, and they were off and running. Amazing talent!”

Jenn Pomona

Let’s launch something awesome together.

If you’re looking for a team that’s just as excited about your product as you are, look no further than BlueKube!