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Frequently Asked Questions

Congrats, we’re thrilled to hear you have a new product idea! Depending on what design and engineering needs to be done, we can take your product description and create a free proposal outlining manufacturability, cost expectations, and time frames. We can also provide options for different levels of customization vs time to market, and even full-service logistics and distribution options. If it looks good, we can sign an agreement and get to work! Contact us to get your free proposal.

BlueKube typically works with celebrities, influencers, Kickstarters, or companies. To qualify for our product development services, your product should fit these criteria:

  • Sale price between $60-$300
  • Under 48 inches packaged
  • Under 25 lbs
  • Simple (no uncertain features, no moving parts, no electronics)

You must also be able to commit to a minimum order quantity of 1,000 (either in batches or first order). 

Exceptions are made for companies or individuals with pre-existing customers, marketing, social following, or sales. If this sounds like a good fit, contact us to get started!

Yes! If you need a manufacturer for your product, BlueKube is here to help. We offer 3 standard business models for product manufacturing:

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) – This is where you bring us a completed design to be manufactured to your specifications. We have no part in the design and therefore no responsibility (from a design perspective) other than manufacturing workmanship or quality defects. The IP is completely owned by you, whereas the process and supply chain relationships are completely owned by us.

Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) – Also known as “white labeling” or “private labeling,” this is where we make and manufacture a pre-designed product with potentially small changes like brand, color, or packaging. In this relationship, you do not own the product design, just the trademarks and branding. The process and supply chain relationships are completely owned by us.

Joint Design Manufacturing (JDM) – This is somewhere in the middle between OEM and ODM, where both of us jointly design a product and benefit from the relationship in an agreed-upon way. Typically, you bring us your new product idea and we research, prototype, design, and manufacture it. We are granted the “exclusive manufacturer” of the product into perpetuity, while you own the IP into perpetuity.

Get in touch with our team of product engineers to see which manufacturing package is right for you.

The BlueKube product design process is completely unique. It accelerates the process and cuts the dev time in half or more. Here are some steps to the process:

  • Design Brief – First, we collaborate with you to learn more about your new product idea and answer a few questions. Who are your customers? What is the pain point you are solving? What is your unique value proposition?  
  • Observation Day – This is the stage where we watch potential customers using competing products or struggling with a scenario we want to solve.
  • Real-Time Prototyping Lab – Once we have a better understanding of the product, we prototype. Thanks to our in-house prototyping lab, we can make prototypes on the same day we think of ideas.
  • Dog Food Day – Derived from the phrase “eating our own dog food,” this is the stage where we use and test the product and observe others using the product in their daily lives. From here, we can get a better grasp of the final concept and iterate until we create the product of your dreams.

Contact us to get started with our product development company.

At BlueKube, we keep ALL ideas and information confidential, and we are happy to sign a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Before we do so, however, we like to perform a quick conflict check with our potential clients. We will ask you what industry or product category your idea or product falls under (without you disclosing any sensitive information). This will help us discover if there are any conflicts with existing products we are already developing. Once we’ve cleared any conflicts, we will send over a signed NDA for you to complete.

Pricing depends on a variety of factors, including services employed and the length of the project. However, the main driving factor for pricing is calculating the cost of development and applying that cost to the profit margin required to break even on your first order. Get in touch with a product manager to learn more about pricing.

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Meet with our team for a quick introductory call! We’d be happy to answer any questions about services and pricing, or just talk shop about product development. We can’t wait to meet you and share how we can bring your product idea to life!