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Innovative products and kickstarters
BlueKube is a “product incubation company” that develops consumer products from concept to customer.

What’s more, that’s not even the incredible part.

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With over 20 years’ experience, we’ve developed products from idea to launch in under 3 months. We’ve won awards. We’ve challenged status quo. We’ve proven over and over again that there’s a better way.

But even that isn’t what makes what we do “super.”

We specialize in products that will improve your life. Not just another dealy-bopper to be shuffled and forgotten in the junk closet. We invent those common sensical things that make you smack your forehead and think “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

Porch Potty

This is the dog owner’s dream come true. A grass litter box for dogs with automated sprinklers to rinse and clean it.

Startup Launch Services



With SideVia you can see each other’s paper during video calls using your phone or tablet.

Flexline Fitness


Air powered resistance. Bluetooth buttons on the handles. This machine changes on the fly.

Meet the team

Team work makes the dream work. Here at BlueKube, we all build systems and brands together. It’s one hell of a good team, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our culture is one that embraces the struggle, and finds satisfaction in solving hard problems together.

Brandon Kennington

Brandon Kennington

The founder of BlueKube and the inventor behind most of our products. Brandon wrote “I want to be an INVENTOR” in his Goals Journal at age 10. He has never looked back. BlueKube was his first company started in 2001 and his vision was it would someday be an “Idea Lab” where new ideas would come to life and find their way into peoples homes. It is still that vision today.
Brandon Kennington

Sam O'Hara

Director of Operations
Sam is the master of all things operations and logistics. It takes a certain skill set to manage 5 warehouses, international freight, customer service, HR, Accounting, and Inventory. We think she wears a cape under her work clothes. She is that good. If she isn't communicating with China in the middle of the night, she enjoys traveling, candle making, and fitness.
Brandon Kennington

Maria Elena Duron

Director of Marketing
When Maria is building marketing strategies, she is in her “happy place”. She has been doing eCommerce Marketing for BlueKube over 10 years. She is also a certified Google Analytics Master Teacher. She hosts the weekly twitter feed “BrandChat”. Porch Potty wouldn’t be as successful without her. She literally built that brand from the ground up.
Brandon Kennington

Blake Noh

Director of Product Design
Blake lives to create! and has designed, engineered and worked on 100’s of products. In his 17 years experience he’s had the privilege to work along side some of the biggest retailers in the world. With a love of learning he continues to grow challenging himself to be a swiss army knife of skills. Specialties: Industrial Design, Product Design, Toy Design, Project Management, Brand Development, Team Building.
Brandon Kennington

Josh Robert Nay

Web Developer & Strategist
Josh is an award-winning website designer, app developer, and entrepreneur. He brings depth and extensive experience to the BlueKube team with his talent in web design, SEO and coding. Josh won the October 2017 Golden Web Award and was named among the top 70 web design and marketing entities in Utah by SEOlium in December 2020. He married his best friend and partner-in-crime, Sarah, in September 2019. He has five small dogs and a chicken. In his free time, when he’s not re-watching Star Trek episodes, you’ll find him building and fixing computers.
Brandon Kennington

Patricia Fox

Content Manager
While most kids were playing with hot wheels, Barbies and coloring books, Patricia was writing skits and plays for her friends and classes to perform. After fifteen years in the restaurant industry, Patricia made the leap, turning her love of words into a career in writing. Like any good story-teller, Patricia enjoys the challenge of turning a good plot, complete with heroes, antagonists and nail-biting twists and turns, into copy that aims to solve real life problems for BlueKube’s customers.
Brandon Kennington

Ashley Del Real

Customer Service Specialist
Ashley’s natural tendencies to care for others and willingness to help wherever she’s needed has made her an indispensable part of our team. If she receives a question that she does not have a ready answer for (which is admittedly rare), she is relentless in pursuit of an answer, something that many of BlueKube’s reviews praises her by name for doing. An avid crafter, when she’s not helping customers, you’ll find her sewing, drawing, painting and much more. She keeps herself sharp with strategy games and a thirst for reading.
Brandon Kennington

Christina Tsitlakidou

Social Media Coordinator
Christina is BlueKube’s resident social media specialist. Her thirst for adventure and challenge made the traditional job routine unappealing. Upon graduating University, Christina immediately pursued freelancing full-time, working with brands based around the world to build their presence and grow strong communities. Her hidden talent to push engagement through creative boosters has made her an essential on the BlueKube team. When she’s not “cracking the code” of a new platform feature, Christina is travelling to some remote location to freedive.
Product marketing and design

Nicole Handy

Marketing Specialist
Nicole is well accustomed to the fast-past, bump and slide life of an executive assistant. Her extensive experience ranges from a fintech startup of an NFL superstar to multi-million-dollar companies. Always one of the first in the know about social media trends, Nicole brings her unique perspective and dogged determination to BlueKube. Mother to an ever-curious young boy that keeps her busy when she’s not scheduling out our latest Pinterest strategy, Nicole’s love for Gummi Bears has inspired an internal hashtag (#blamenicole) whenever a sweet tooth strikes any BlueKube team member!
Product images

Alvin Valeza

Graphic Designer
Alvin’s humble beginnings inspired him to be the resourceful, tenacious and talented graphic designer he is today. He began his career as a freelance artist in 2008 and continues to scour the internet for training sources that help develop his keen artistic eye further. Based in the Phillipines, Alvin manages the timezone difference between him and the rest of the BlueKube team with style, all while balancing parenting duties. Having lived close to water his whole life, it’s no surprise that his hobbies include fishing and walking along the beach.
Kickstarter product launch

Dianne Honorio

Marketing Assistant

Dianne Honorio thrives in high-pressure environments. Having managed properties for six years and trading for JPMorgan & Chase, her initiative and go get’em attitude make her a huge asset to the BlueKube’s administrative and customer service teams. Quick to identify new trends, earlier this year Dianne made the leap into NFT’s and Cryptocurrency trading. Working towards her master’s degree in Public Health at Deakin University does not slow down her favorite hobby; she is a notorious globetrotter that is ready to get out and travel again.

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Zac Mahoney

Product Development Engineer
Zac is also awesome!
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