BlueKuber Success Story


BlueKube's product development in action

Explore the exciting product development journey between BlueKube and veteran entrepreneur Richard Burke to create an epic rooftop rack & sleeper system.


The Client

Our team collaborated with veteran entrepreneur Richard Burke to manufacture PopRak, an innovative rooftop rack and sleeper system aimed at enhancing the experience of adventure van enthusiasts. The endeavor, though ambitious with over 700 components in the bill of materials, was tackled with tenacity. Our team successfully overcame a myriad of challenges to deliver a state-of-the-art product.

veteran entrepreneur Richard Burke founder of PopRak
product development mockup of PopRak

Design and Development

The product development journey commenced with our experienced team delving into the minutiae of material selection and procurement. Supported by comprehensive research and insightful analysis, we focused on finding a harmonious blend of strength, durability, and weight for PopRak. The goal was to ensure a lightweight, structurally sound product with superior insulation, aimed at satisfying the specific requirements of adventure van enthusiasts.



Our team, in close cooperation with Richard, worked through several prototype design iterations for the PopRak rooftop rack and sleeper system. Each new design brought further refinement, ensuring the product was capable of providing an exceptional user experience. We also conducted rigorous testing throughout this iterative process to make sure the design remained in line with Richard’s vision.

showing layers of product development for PopRak
Brandon Kennington and Blake Noh BlueKube engineers at the BlueKube headquaters

The Challenges

Naturally, the product development journey was not without its hurdles. Our team encountered various unforeseen difficulties during the production process. These included unexpected fabric delays, the difficulty of procuring high-grade materials, and the challenging process of aligning real-world physics with CAD simulations. Regardless, we saw each challenge as an opportunity. Our problem-solving skills kept us on track to meet the deadline for the upcoming trade show presentations.


Quality Control

Our commitment to quality was highlighted in our stringent quality control measures implemented throughout the manufacturing process. Every element of PopRak was thoroughly scrutinized to ensure it met the highest standards of structural integrity, durability, reliability, and performance. Our relentless pursuit to create the highest quality product possible has instilled confidence in potential PopRak buyers.

Final Thoughts

The development of the PopRak rooftop rack and sleeper system serves as a clear demonstration of our determination and passion for product development. We overcame various challenges but were able to create a high-quality and dependable solution nevertheless. We thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Richard and are thrilled to have impacted the adventure van industry in such a positive way. 

PopRak on a van

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