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Oh For Keepsake

BlueKube engineers discussing prototype to final product

Discover the story of Julie, a loving mother of two, who collaborated with BlueKube to turn her idea for a special keepsake box into reality.

Oh For Keepsake

The Client

Julie, a loving mother of two, came to us with a brilliant idea for a keepsake box for the first year of a child’s life. Her idea was to have a special place to hold all the precious first-year milestones so parents didn’t feel any guilt deciding whether to keep something or throw it away. Dubbed “Oh For Keepsake,” this magical box would be a treasure trove of memories, similar to a time capsule. It would be filled with all the essential moments in a baby’s first year, from tiny handprints and footprints to the first outfit, shoes, and even a birth certificate.

Excited about the concept, BlueKube happily teamed up with her to learn more about this interesting market opportunity and dive deeper into the enchanting world of keepsake boxes. We thought it was an intriguing idea to provide new parents with a guilt-free solution for holding onto those sentimental keepsakes. As parents ourselves, we often struggle to decide what to keep and what to let go of. The guilt is real!

BlueKube engineer Brandon and Blake working on prototype for Oh For Keepsake
Oh For Keepsake

Market Research & Brainstorming

We conducted extensive market research to understand the opportunities and get to know our customers. Next, our team of engineers and designers began brainstorming, tinkering, and letting their creativity run wild. They wanted to bring Julie’s vision to life and create a keepsake box that was both functional and elegant — a perfect baby shower gift that wows everyone.

Oh For Keepsake


In the world of product design, there are three golden rules: prototype, prototype, prototype. And that’s exactly what we did.

Armed with our amazing rapid prototyping workshop in our Simi Valley headquarters, we rolled up our sleeves and dove into the creative process. With a hand sketch as our guide, we brought the keepsake box to life piece by piece. We utilized kit bashes to build and test out the proportions for some of our ideas before jumping into CAD. We meticulously chose each element, from the elegant frames to the compartments that hold each cherished memory. It was a true labor of love. 

Using this first prototype, we got feedback from multiple moms, including Sam, our Director of Operations, and most importantly, Julie. They had lots of fantastic feedback we were excited to implement.

The Final Product

From here, we returned to the product development process, but this time with much more refinement. Once we completed all the engineering drawings, we teamed up with our fabricators to craft a beautiful finished box that is exactly what Julie envisioned — the keepsake box of her dreams.

BlueKube engineers discussing prototype to final product

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