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League Length

image of the product design manufacture of shot blocker for taller players

Learn how NBA trainer Paul Fabritz collaborated with BlueKube to design, manufacture, and distribute a game-changing shot blocker for taller players.

League Length

The Client

Paul Fabritz is a famous NBA trainer and one of the top Basketball Specific Performance Enhancement Coaches in the world. He reached out to BlueKube after coming up with an idea for a product to help him train NBA stars who are taller than him. Paul is 5′10″ and many of his clients are over 7 feet tall. His idea was to create a soft pad that could extend his arm’s reach so that he could block the player’s shot. The BlueKube team met with Paul to learn how he would use it, what features were needed, and some basic product requirements.

NBA trainer Paul Fabritz
League Length

Conceptualizing and Prototyping

Once our team got a good feel for the basic idea, we generated a few concepts to test, starting with a rough prototype using a cardboard shipping tube. The thought was that you could insert your arm into the tube, which would extend or retract depending on how much additional reach you needed.

As with many early prototypes, this was terrible. It taught us that we don’t want the arm to be enclosed as it felt very vulnerable to injury if you weren’t able to get your arm out quickly. It also taught us that weight was an important aspect. With something so long and heavy on your arm, it became very difficult to move quickly and stay agile on the court.

After building about 6-7 prototypes, it felt like we had some good options, but nothing that really captured the moment when everyone shouts, “That’s it!” Even Paul was losing hope in the product being everything he envisioned, saying “Maybe we should pause and take a break from it for a while.”

League Length

Inspiration Strikes!

Then it happened. The thing that always happens when developing products as long as we have. The Eureka moment. Brandon was at his daughter’s softball game and noticed fans waving foam fingers in the air. It dawned on him: What if the product was like a stiffer version of a foam hand? Light and airy like foam but dense enough to spin and pivot quickly around the shooter. A device that could slide in and out of a kick pad so that you could push and bump against the player as they came for the shot.

We mocked up a version in CAD and built a model. It worked! It worked REALLY well. We ran to the local town park to try it on the basketball court. We made a quick video to send to Paul. He lit up and responded immediately. After trying it himself, Paul gave us a high five and said, “Let’s make them.”

NBA trainer Paul Fabritz testing product development from prototyping design
League Length

Product Management: From Supply Chain to Distribution

Now came the real work of launching the product. We created a full supply chain and assembly line specifically for League Length. After building the first batch, BlueKube packed, shipped, and delivered to its distribution and fulfillment centers.

Paul is now selling League Length on his website and talking to sporting goods retailers about retail distribution. BlueKube manages all of his inventory, manufacturing, and distribution. He can log in to the BlueKube portal to check on inventory levels, access all the quality testing reports, and see manufacturing or shipping progress updates. He also has peace of mind knowing that BlueKube backs every product with a quality guarantee.

League Length Scores a Slam Dunk

Paul’s customers love his shot blocker. Coaches are raving that it’s “game changing” for training taller players and sharpening their skills on the court. In addition, League Length has been praised for its durability and ease of use, making it a must-have training aid for any serious coach or player looking to take their game to the next level.

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