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Head It Right

Brandon Kennington and Blake Noh discussing the product design and development for Head-It Right

Learn how we worked with Robert Miller at Phenom Performance to design, develop, and distribute a revolutionary soccer training device.

Head It Right

The Client

The story of Head It Right started with Robert Miller, a renowned soccer performance expert at Phenom Performance. He recognized the potential risks associated with heading the ball, particularly for younger athletes, and saw a need for a training tool that would allow players to practice their heading technique without the fear of head trauma. He aimed to create a product that would enhance heading skills while prioritizing player safety and reducing the risk of concussions. Seeking a solution, Miller approached Brandon at BlueKube with a vision for a portable and adjustable device that could measure vertical jumps while providing a soft surface for practicing headers.

Head It Right

Design and Development

Robert and our team embarked on an intensive design journey, drawing inspiration from existing vertical jump measurement devices used in basketball. Our goal was to create a soccer-specific device that could be easily transported, adjust to different heights, and ensure impact safety during training sessions. We conducted multiple design iterations to perfect the functionality and usability of the training device. Initially, we considered tripods for the base. However, stability and rotation issues posed a challenge, which meant we had to go back to the drawing board and redesign. 

Our engineering team devised a sturdy welded base and incorporated square stock. This resolved the challenges and ensured stability without compromising on mobility.  Once we finalized the design, our team of skilled fabricators and engineers in China started to construct a finished functional prototype. The device featured a laser-cut height measurement system, adjustable legs, and a secure ball mount. Rigorous testing and feedback sessions with Robert and his team led to further refinements, ensuring the device met the highest standards of performance and safety.

The Final Product

The result of our collaboration was an innovative training device boasting a foldable and adjustable design, engraved height measurements for precise tracking, and a secure ball mount that prevented unwanted rotation. It struck the perfect balance between stability and portability, enabling coaches and athletes to practice heading techniques safely and effectively.

soccer player testing product design and development of Head-It Right
Head It Right

Product Management: From Supply Chain to Distribution

Our expertise in supply chain management and assembly line production facilitated the smooth manufacturing and distribution of Head It Right. We ensured efficient packaging, shipping, and delivery to our distribution and fulfillment centers. Additionally, our comprehensive inventory management system and quality guarantee instilled confidence in both the manufacturer and end users.

BlueKube discussing design and development of Head-It Right
soccer player testing product design and development of Head-It Right
Head It Right

Head It Right Scores Big

Head It Right targets the incredibly large market of youth and collegiate soccer players worldwide. Its portability, adjustability, and emphasis on safety have resonated with coaches and players alike. By providing a practical solution for improving heading skills while minimizing the risk of head injuries, BlueKube and Phenom Performance are excited to be elevating the game and promoting a safer training solution.

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