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product development mockup of Bendr

Discover the product development journey of Bendr, an ingenious product designed to alleviate back pain in agricultural workers.


The Client

Dr. Richard Demers, a compassionate child and adolescent psychiatrist, has always been deeply intrigued by the connection between stoop labor and chronic back pain among Hispanic agricultural workers. Driven by a desire to find a solution, he spent over 40 years working and tinkering on a product. He was never quite able to get it launched and brought to market, which is exactly why he decided to team up with BlueKube. He knew that we had not only the engineering prowess but also the ability to bring products to market and distribute them globally.


Conceptualizing and Prototyping

The initial phase of the product development journey involved extensive research and ideation. Dr. Demers collaborated with Brandon and Blake, our experienced product development experts, to translate his vision into a tangible design. Together, they brainstormed ideas, considering factors such as affordability, ease of use, and effectiveness. This collaborative process laid the foundation for the product’s development.

With a clear direction in mind, our team moved on to the prototyping stage. They experimented with various materials, seeking to strike the right balance between durability and comfort.


Field Testing

Field testing played a crucial role in the product’s development. Our team engaged directly with agricultural workers, observing their movements and listening to their experiences. This valuable feedback allowed us to refine the Bendr’s design, ensuring that it effectively provided support and alleviated back pain during physically demanding tasks.

Through multiple iterations and real-world testing, we were able to fine-tune the design, incorporating feedback from field tests and potential end users. By prioritizing ease of use, affordability, and aesthetics, we created a product that not only addressed the workers’ physical needs but also appealed to their sense of comfort and style.

testing product development
graphic showing mirco adjustable chest width thumbscrew

Drawing Inspiration from the Unexpected

Throughout the journey, we found unexpected inspiration from an unlikely source — the ThighMaster. We recognized the potential of a torsion spring found in the ThighMaster and incorporated it into the Bendr’s design. This enhanced its performance and further optimized the product’s ability to alleviate back pain.

The Result

The result of our dedication and hard work is the Bendr — a product that not only alleviates back pain but also improves the lives of agricultural workers. With its ingenious torsion spring design and integrated pivots and pistons that harmoniously move with the body’s natural motions, the Bendr sets a new standard for back supports. It offers micro-adjustability to accommodate diverse body types and can be easily customized along the height and chest. The Bendr also stands out from the competition due to its elevated, non-clinical look. Agricultural workers, athletes, and those battling back pain will love its stylish yet functional design.

product development mockup of Bendr

Final Thoughts

The product development journey of the Bendr was characterized by resilience and adaptability. We encountered challenges along the way and truly came to appreciate the obstacles Dr. Demers faced over the decades. Nevertheless, we embraced these challenges as opportunities for growth and improvement. The Bendr stands as a testament to the transformative power of product development, showcasing how a simple concept can become a practical and effective solution with the right team and dedication.

close up of product development for Bendr

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