Our Team

Team work makes the dream work. Here at Bluekube, we all build systems and brands together. It’s one hell of a good team, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our culture is one that embraces the struggle, and finds satisfaction in solving hard problems together. 

Brandon Kennington

The founder of Bluekube and the inventor behind most of our products. Brandon wrote “I want to be an INVENTOR” in his Goals Journal at age 10. He has never looked back. Bluekube was his first company started in 2001 and his vision was it would someday be an “Idea Lab” where new ideas would come to life and find their way into peoples homes. It is still that vision today. 

Sam Baumann

Sam is the master of all things operations and logistics. It takes a certain skill set to manage 5 warehouses, international freight, customer service, HR, Accounting, and Inventory. We think she wears a cape under her work clothes. She is that good. If she isn’t communicating with China in the middle of the night, she likes hobbies like candle making and fitness.

Maria Elena

When Maria is building marketing strategies, she is in her “happy place”. She has been doing eCommerce Marketing for Bluekube over 10 years. She is also a certified Google Analytics Master Teacher. She hosts the weekly twitter feed “BrandChat”. Porch Potty wouldn’t be as successful without her. She litterally built that brand from the ground up.

Ken Tran

Ken is the website and SEO ninja all eCommerce companies wish they had. Ken came to Bluekube after owning his own successful web design company, and is the inventor of the Custom Glow beer pong table we acquired. When he is not making amazing websites and shopping carts for Bluekube, he is building a VR SciFi game that will blow your mind. Yes, goggles gloves, the whole thing. Talented.