Bluekube does…

Product Development

Designing a great product takes experience to know what traps to avoid and how to accelerate the R&D phase. Bluekube has 19 years of product design experience and bringing them to market.

Have a product? We can help!

Whether you have an idea, or an established ecommerce product, we love good design. Bluekube buys or licenses great products and gives them an engineering refresh and design makeover. 

Internal R&D

One way we create products is our own engineering team finds problems to solve.

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Another way we find products is by acquiring product companies that are looking to cash out, and do something new.

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We love working with creative inventors with ideas. We offer great license rates for mature ideas with branding.

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Bluekube does…

Marketing & eCommerce 

Building a brand and getting traffic to your site is not an easy task in this competitive ecommerce world. Fortunately, we have seen the trends of what works and what doesn’t. We focus on driving sales higher with a cocktail of tools and secret tricks we have learned over the years.

Building a Brand

At the heart of every product is the Brand. We develop a “voice” for the product to speak to the customer, focused entirely on the passion of the customer.

SEO and Brand Building

The foundation of any marketing strategy is to build brand awareness and organic traffic. That starts with good design and site optimization.

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Paid Marketing

Marketing can be expensive if you don’t know what you are doing. We are the geeks that love to comb through the Analytical Data.

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Social Marketing

Most of the world is influenced by our social media feeds and relationships. Social is an important way we learn about new products.

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Our Solutions

Logistics & Operations

Putting products in your customers’ hands requires a robust, efficient, and adaptable infrastructure. We prepare your brand for the future by optimizing supply chain and logistical operations while handling every aspect of the fulfillment process..

And The Wheels Keep On Turning…

Why Our Ops Team is So Important.

Months before the our customers opens their new product, our Operations Team planned every step along the way ahead of time.


Quarterly insights and advice to drive profitability and competitiveness for current and prospective brands

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Freight & Logistics

Dedicated point of contact to support planning and execution; available to assist with outlining your brands e-commerce goals

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Order Fulfillment

Ongoing compliance enforcement support; monthly reporting with information to take the right actions on pricing and distribution issues

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