• Bluekube helps companies like yours develop amazing products faster and for less cost. You can focus on your branding and building your business. Let BlueKube handle all the heavy lifting of developing your next product for you.

  • What we do… so you don’t have to

    Design and Engineering

    Sourcing and Manufacturing

    Quality Oversight and Guarantee

    Assembly and Packaging

    Ocean Freight and Importing

    Warehousing, Distribution and Fulfillment from USA east, USA west, Canada, UK, Australia

  • Hub and Spoke Model Instead of using OEM factories that make finished products, we break products into their trades and lower costs by taking out the “middle-man”. We make our own plastics, metals, cut-and-sew, and other specialty parts and assemble them ourselves. This results in a very high quality product, and IP protection because no single factory knows the entire product. Only its parts.

  • Design from Both Ends Instead of designing a product from scratch and then later approaching factories for quote, we reach out to our large factory network from the beginning to help shorten the dev cycle and deliver a finished product faster and with lower uncertainty. This requires close partnerships with various factory engineers who trust that the collaboration will turn into a real product.

  • “I was impressed. BlueKube cut our COGS by 43% and got our product made in 2 months, after 18 months of trying on our own. I just wish I found BlueKube earlier.”

    – Dr. Louis Crowe

  • “The process could not be easier. BlueKube literally takes care of everything product related. We showed them a picture of what we wanted, and they were off and running. Amazing talent”

    – Jenn Pomona

  • “We are great at marketing and servicing our customers, BlueKube makes our products and even handles the logistics and delivery. It really makes it easy to grow our business when we don’t have to lift a finger.”

    – Cesar Gonzales

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