Launch Pad is a service for Kickstarter startups or product companies that need help getting their product built and delivered in record time. BlueKube has the engineering and manufacturing experience to make your quality product for less cost and ACTUALLY deliver on your promise to your customers. It’s free to you. BlueKube does not charge for this service. They simply split the savings.

  • BlueKube Launch Pad Service

    Contract Manufacture

    BlueKube has a unique way of bringing products to market. After 20 years of building a supply chain network for each material and learning how to accelerate the process, our clients are blown away at how quickly we can deliver their products. We hear them say, “I wish I came to BlueKube earlier. It would have saved me so much time and money”.

  • BlueKube Launch Pad Service

    Product Logistics

    Once the product is manufactured, getting products into your customer’s hands requires a robust, efficient, and adaptable infrastructure. We handle the complex regulatory steps of international distribution and global import/export and warehousing, so you can scale quickly without being bogged down with complex operations. We prepare your brand for the future by optimizing supply chain and logistical operations to scale fast, so you can focus on your customer.

Get UN-STUCK. Leave it to us to get your product made and shipping to customers, quickly.

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