Our Brands

Have a look around. We continue to add products we are passionate about to our portfolio. We take great pride in each and every brand. It starts with product design, and we build a “voice” of the product that is built into the marketing and customer service.

Porch Potty

A grass litter box for dogs. Built for the outdoors to place on your porch or patio. A dog owner’s dream come true!

Paragon Health

The Paragon line of Supplements started with a breakthrough substance called NMN. Research is flooding in showing it can make us younger.

Flexline Fitness

Flexline is the first fitness cable machine that uses compressed air and our patented wireless connected handles to change weight on the fly.

Bionic Gym

Have you ever wished you could get your exercise session in while laying on the couch watching a movie? Now you can, by EMS patterned off “shivering”.

Custom Glow

A classic game of Beer Pong with a light show experience set to music. Yeah…We love it too.


With TutorCam, you can see each other’s paper during video calls using their phone or tablet.