How a Curious Kid Inventor Created a Global Company

How a Curious Kid Inventor Created a Global Company

Brandon Kennington has been inventing products since he was 12.

His philosophy is simple.

“I love to invent solutions that improve a family’s quality of life,” Brandon said.

Brandon’s childhood dream to be an inventor took him to Purdue University where he earned a mechanical engineering degree and then Silicon Valley in the early 2000s when there was a gold rush type frenzy for startups. Brandon was at the forefront, designing a portable digital music player with touch screen that could be connected to Palm Pilots. The device was years ahead of Apple’s iPod.

He also came up with a whole house digital music device he named Blue Cube. It had a hard drive to store thousands of songs and connected to a TV and home speakers. It included a small blue cube keychain with a button. If you were away from home and heard a song on the radio you liked, you pressed the button. When you returned home the song would be sitting on your Blue Cube device ready to play. Again, he was years ahead of his time.

Brandon’s curious mind is always generating invention ideas. He keeps a notepad in his back pocket to scribble down his thoughts. The ideas generally materialize in his mind when he encounters an everyday problem.

It led to the creation of his global, multi-brand ecommerce company, BlueKube.

Today it has a suite of products across numerous consumer areas. They include: Porch Potty for dogs; TutorCam remote learning technology; Flexline Fitness gym equipment; and Paragon Health anti-aging supplements.

A big part of Brandon’s success comes from Nixi, a cheeky Puggle (Pug and Beagle mix).

The year was 2007 and Brandon and his wife, Julie, had just married. They were living in a condo in West Hollywood and welcomed Nixi into their small family.

They faced a dilemma. Nixi needed to go potty. Sometimes in the middle of the night. Brandon and Julie had to take Nixi downstairs to a patch of grass. They had a patio, but it was not appropriate for Nixi.

Brandon’s inventor’s mind, of course, began devising a solution.

He called it Porch Potty.

Brandon launched the Porch Potty website in January 2008. He was only on his second Porch Potty prototype when, to his shock, a customer placed an order. He was yet to build up inventory and ended up sending his first customer a prototype.

“I wish I still had the contact info, because I’d like to say thank you 12 years later,” Brandon said.

Today, Porch Potties are being shipped to customers around the world: the US; Canada; Great Britain; Europe; and Australia.

When the COVID-19 pandemic sparked school and business shutdowns around the world in early 2020 Brandon, of course, came up with a solution to help students and teachers. He had volunteered to help teachers at his kids’ Los Angeles school by teaching a math class via Google Meet. He struggled to show the students the piece of paper he was using to solve a math problem. Brandon immediately began inventing the TutorCam – an inexpensive and easy-to-use document camera stand that adds an extra camera angle in video conferences to focus on documents, workbooks etc. on desks.

More inventions are on the way.

Brandon’s old notebook in his back pocket is overflowing with ideas.

“I, along with my team at BlueKube, feel good when our customers feel good,” he said.

“That is our culture. “We are committed to creating products that make your life better, easier, less complex and more enjoyable.”

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