From humble beginnings as a childhood inventor to award-winning designer

From humble beginnings as a childhood inventor to award-winning designer

Inspiration can come from unexpected places, but when it happens, it’s nothing short of marvelous.

Sheer entertainment might have been the intentions of Steven Spielberg, director of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, but his work would prove pivotal in inspiring the dreams of one little boy who discovered a kinship with “Short Round”, Dr. Jones’ clever and inventive side kick.

“He was a makeshift inventor, and he had all kinds of cool stuff,” Blake Noh Nichols, BlueKube’s head of Research and Development, explains, “He had this cool grappling hook belt, and things like that. When I saw that as a kid, it made me dream of really wanting to create my own inventions.”

Blake began making his own contraptions which would include an automatic light switch so he could turn his light on and off from bed and attempting to add on to his home. A precocious young man, he saw the world not as what could and could not be, but rather, “How can I make this happen?”

Blake went on to pursue a degree in Industrial Design, to feed his passion for invention. Industrial Design is where art and engineering meet which brought together Blake’s creative talent and his thirst for innovation.

“If DaVinci were alive today, I’d like to think his degree would be in Industrial Design,” Blake jokes.

Blake went on to enjoy an illustrious career as a prolific designer and inventor. His collection of creations includes everything from action figures to water guns to consumer products.

Blake joined the BlueKube team nearly a year ago, when long time friend, Brandon Kennington, needed help with a design, now a two-time award-winning product called TutorCam.

Both Brandon and Blake share a lot in common, having caught the “inventor’s bug” in early childhood. They share a passion for making life easier and more enjoyable. Both hope to guide younger generations to pursue their creative ideas and teach them the process of bringing their dreams to reality.

That passion is at the core of BlueKube’s every product as they seek to identify common problems experienced in the world today, pulling a part the puzzle to discover a way to solve that problem without overcomplicating the solution.

Today, National Inventors’ Day, we celebrate the unique drive and insatiable desire for innovation that propels people like Brandon and Blake forward. With many new projects in the pipeline for BlueKube, Brandon and Blake are sure to stay busy, but in the hustle and bustle of it all, we want to say “Thank you.”

“An inventor is a man who asks “Why?” of the universe and lets nothing stand between the answer and his mind.” ~ Ayn Rand

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