Elite Customer Service is Key

Elite Customer Service is Key

BlueKube is a company built to create solutions for life’s everyday problems. Providing the highest quality customer service is paramount.

That is why we offer open channels for our customers to reach us and ask questions about our products.

We are so proud of the BlueKube lineup: TutorCams, Porch Potties, Flexline Fitness gyms, Magic Brush Savers and other products. Our highest goal is to improve the quality of life for our customers in obvious and practical ways with our products.

TutorCam: An example of customer service innovation

TutorCam was created by BlueKube founder, Brandon Kennington, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has an award-winning design, is easy-to-use, light and inexpensive.

Because TutorCam is a new type of product, a first of its kind, there were a lot of hurdles to cross.

One was understanding how the TutorCam actually worked. Due to the sudden shift from in-person classrooms to remote learning, teachers were inundated with new tech as they frantically adjusted their lessons to the digital space. On top of that, they had to become proficient at virtual meeting platforms like Zoom and Google Meet over night. The last thing they wanted was to have to download and get used to yet another application or software program.

TutorCam does not use any additional app or technology. It simply turns your phone or tablet into a document camera. The “tech” is already in your mobile device that connects to your preferred virtual meeting platform. It uses a patented optical lens to project your workspace to your virtual classroom or meeting.

With all the new technology pushed onto our educators, “What app does it use?” was the number one question answered by our customer service team, followed closely by “How do I connect my laptop to it?”

We quickly realized that people needed to see TutorCam in action, so they could experience first hand how easy it is to set up and use. We created a series of videos in order to do just that.

But there were more questions…

School administrators, principals, faculty heads or teachers weren’t sure whether to buy a TutorCam for a test run or make a bulk order. Was a nimble TutorCam Go perfect for their online classrooms or would the larger TutorCam Pro be a better fit?

Some already had a TutorCam and needed a quick demonstration to see first hand how to maximize the online learning experience as a teacher or as a student.

We decided that our personal time and attention was needed to work through remaining questions.

That is why we now offer live, one-on-one, free video calls with one of our TutorCam experts to explain how TutorCams work. We can show how you do not need an app or additional software and how they seamlessly work with Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams or any other video conferencing platform. We’re also available to answer questions specific to your purchasing needs.

We’re here for solutions.

We evaluate our customer service every step of the way, from teaching about our products, to purchase, and continued support after purchase. At BlueKube, we recognize that each of our customers are unique and that, especially in customer service, one size does not fit all. We don’t believe in the typical cookie-cutter, canned responses. Instead, we seek to provide a sincere and helpful shopping experience, start to finish.

All of our team members are encouraged to test our products. This allows them to offer valuable knowledge, service and feedback. Our unified commitment to providing real solutions to whatever circumstances life throws your way is a cornerstone of our company mission and culture.

With our TutorCam one-on-one video calls, we’ve raised the bar on “going the extra mile”. We know its a game changer for schools, businesses, hobbies and more, we want to make sure you know it too.

To set up a free 15 minute TutorCam video chat please click here.

Do you have a question about TutorCams, Porch Potties or any other BlueKube product and a phone call with a live company employee is needed

Please call our customer service number: (805) 416-1785
Or email: customerservice@tutorcampro.com

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