BlueKube Loves Solving Life's Dilemmas

BlueKube Loves Solving Life's Dilemmas

BlueKube: Solving Every Day Problems

Life constantly challenges us.

The BlueKube team loves to solve those challenges.

Take a look at the BlueKube suite of brands and you immediately notice a theme.

They solve everyday problems.

The products span an eclectic range of areas. From the remote learning breakthrough device, TutorCam, to the Porch Potty for dogs, to the revolutionary Flexline Fitness cable machines, BlueKube tackles every day problems with practical solutions.

The exciting thing about working at BlueKube is we receive sneak peeks into the brilliant minds of the company’s founder Brandon Kennington, who began inventing products since he was 12, and creative genius Blake Nichols.

Most people encounter a problem and wait for others to solve it. Brandon and Blake get excited when they come across an everyday issue in need of a solution They make a note of it, begin sketching devices, build prototypes and a solution soon evolves and hits the market.

Responsiveness to World Events

The COVID-19 pandemic rocked our worlds and many of us lost loved ones. We were heartened to receive messages from teachersstudentspet owners and other consumers about how BlueKube’s products helped them during the dark days of the pandemic.

TutorCam is the perfect case study to examine what BlueKube is about.

In March 2020, the pandemic hit. One day our kids were in school and we were commuting to our workplaces. The next day we were at home and becoming acquainted with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and other video conferencing systems. Our kids needed to connect with their teachers. We needed to connect with our employers.

Brandon lives in Los Angeles and with his wife Julie have two children, Hayden and Alexa.

During those stressful first weeks of the pandemic Brandon, helped teach online math classes for students at his kids’ elementary school. The school used Google Meet for remote classes, but there was an issue. Even though Brandon could see the kids’ faces and they could see his, but when it came to Brandon showing the class his written example of a math problem, he struggled.

At the same time Alexa continued with piano lessons with her instructor online. Brandon had a selfie stick attached to his smartphone and used it to film Alexa’s fingers on the piano keys so the instructor could check in real time what Alexa was doing.

Brandon knew there was a solution to the problem.

TutorCam: Affordable and Simple

He began sketching prototypes and came up with TutorCam, an easy-to-use, inexpensive document camera stand. Within months it was on the market and teachers and students rejoiced. NBC’s Today Show heard about it and featured it in a segment.

It also received global kudos for its design with two wins at the International Design Awards, with TutorCam on the winner’s podium next to elite design teams from Apple, Google, Volvo, Lotus and other market leading multi-national corporations renowned for their stylish products.

The spark for TutorCam’s creation came from Brandon’s desire to help students and teachers, but one of the many wonderful outcomes is the way TutorCam helped friends, families, instructors, work colleagues, bands, knitting and craft groupsDungeons & Dragons enthusiasts and many more connect. Quarantines, border restrictions, social distancing and other protocols kept us apart physically.

TutorCam brought us together.

Porch Potty: More sleep for you, less stress on your dog

Brandon came up with the product while solving an issue he faced with Nixi, his cheeky Puggle. Nixi had a penchant for middle of the night potty breaks. The year was 2007 and Brandon and Julie were living in an LA condo. Nixi had to be taken downstairs to a patch of grass.

Brandon invented the Porch Potty, a beautifully designed product that could be used on patios and balconies, no matter how small. As a result, dog owners aren’t faced with the sleepy-eyed haul down flights of stairs at inconvenient hours. Additionally, dogs received the comfort of their own designated potty place.

Just like TutorCam, Porch Potty was an immediate hit. Brandon was still building prototypes when a customer contacted him keen to try one. Brandon sent the customer a prototype. Today, pooches throughout the US, Canada, Great Britain, Europe and Australia cock their legs (we view it as a doggie style salute to BlueKube) on Porch Potties.

There is more great news.

BlueKube views itself as a “product incubation” company. Do you have an established product or an idea you think could benefit from aligning with BlueKube? Reach out to us:

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